2014 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap

2014 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap

2014 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap 150 150 Karl Scheffy

The 2014 Camaro Nationals has to have been the best show since it moved to Frederick, and it ranks up there with some of the all time best. Everyone did an outstanding job. We received numerous positive comments regarding the show. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Check out Facebook, Utube, and other media sites, it’s all good.

Congratulations to all the MCC members who won awards at the Nationals. That was an impressive sight looking at the clubs members cars parked together. I received many positive comments about the club; the best had to be several “a class act”. Even the Mayor was impressed; he had one of the member’s cars in the final three.

Speaking about the Mayor; did you see Mayor Mc Clement meeting and greeting everyone outside City Hall Thursday Night at the end of the Cruise? He really enjoys the Camaros and the people. He brought a camera along so he could take pictures of the cars before he made his final choice for The Mayor’s Award. He chose a very well done 1968 Roger Penske Mark Donahue Trans Am tribute car. We need to get him a Camaro of his own.

The Nationals raised $10,769 (yes, it was recalculated) at the Charity Auction, $575.00 from the 50/50 contest, and $257.00 received at the Silent Auction. That is a total of $11,601.00…. a record new total. After the auction I asked Karl “What we are going to do to top this?” Cathy, April, and I talked about it and we have some good ideas. Thank you for all that helped with the charities, donated, and bought items for The Silence of Mary. This allowed us to donate more money and to more charities. Donations went to: Silence of Mary Home, Heartly Home, Inc., Downtown Frederick Partnership, Sophie & Madigan’s Playground, Relay for Life Cancer Foundation, MCPS Educational Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County, and Frederick County 4 – H Therapeutic Riding Program. Most of these are youth related charities, it’s for the kids.

Again, it was a great show and we can all be proud of what was done. The final total was 355 cars, down a little because of the threatening weather on Saturday, but that didn’t damper anyone’s sprits and the fun everyone was having. The total includes 31 states, District of Columbia, and three Provinces from Canada…first time entrants from British Columbia and Quebec. Did the group from Quebec know how to have fun? Not to be out done were the gangs from Southern Maryland Camaro Club and Camaro 5 Upstate New York.

Well, there were three 2014 Z/28’s, two 1LE’s, and one SSE at the show. By the way the SSE was the first one built, number 1. There were many outstanding cars. Did everyone see the silver 2nd Gen? He built that himself with his Father’s input. Man, that car was nice. How about the SS/BA COPO? That car shook the buildings floor! Rick George shared many of his cars with us, including a real Pete Estes owned Camaro. Did anyone notice the Rick Hendricks’s Signature Car? How about the Pro Street 4th Gen with the Pro Stock cage that was pounding the ground? I could go on and on, but you had to be there.

The Long Island Camaro Club was so impressed with the attention to detail, engineering, and workmanship done on the silver 2nd Gen they quickly got together a club award and presented it to the owner. I think he received the Nasty Z award as well. One of the finest 2nd Gen’s I have ever seen.

I can’t let this go without mentioning this. It was two Steelers fans that saved the Black 2014 Z/28 from body damage after the wench cable came undone and was running loose behind Building 14. Great job John, I haven’t moved that fast in a very long time.

I’m pretty sure the wedding proposal, Morgan and Cindi of NEOCC was a first for the Nationals. I’m very sure the engagement present was. If you missed it, after the popping of the question at Brunch, they arrived at the Nationals. Cindi said “look someone is getting a red Camaro”, (which was under cover at THR Tent). SURPRISE! It was a bright Red THR Camaro of her own, as an engagement present! You couldn’t wipe the smile off Cindi’s face all weekend. Congratulations to both of them and may they have a long and wonderful life together.

Bud Scolastico

Auctions at 2014 Nationals Raise Over $11,000.00 for Charity! Continued

Camaro Central began things off with a $1000.00 donation, and at the close of an enthusiastic three hour bidding session, the total stood at fantastic $9,960.00; a new record, and quite an accomplishment. A moment later, sponsor Tom Henry of Tom Henry Chevrolet / Tom Henry Racing, walked up as asked ” are you really $40 shy of $10,000?” When the number was confirmed, he got out his wallet, and pulled out $40 and said “add this to it – we can’t end up that close with out making $10,000.”

As we sat down afterward, exhausted, Bud turned to me and said “How in the world are we going to top this?”

Saturday brought a mostly cloudy day, but it did stay dry save a few sprinkles at noon. The Long Island Camaro Club, Nasty Z/28, and the Southern Maryland Camaro Clubs all had club tent hangouts; with grills, coolers, games, and great camaraderie. Judging went smoothly both indoors and out, and the awards were able to get started about 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Most everyone was on hand to receive their awards this year, and the Southern Maryland Camaro Club, and Nasty Z made sure everyone knew when one of their members won an award.

Once again, in the hotel parking lot Saturday evening; a discussion ended with the realization that it really isn’t about the cars, it is about the people!

Bud Scolastico