2015 Camaro Nationals Re-cap

2015 Camaro Nationals Re-cap

2015 Camaro Nationals Re-cap 150 150 Karl Scheffy

The 17th Annual Camaro Nationals came in with beautiful weather and went out in a heavy downpour, but the rain didn’t damper the enthusiasm or excitement of the event. Everyone had a good time both Friday and Saturday.

The Thursday Night Cruise ended in downtown Frederick, where everyone split up for dinner at the various restaurants and cafe’s.   It rained later-on, and many of us got wet getting back to the cars for the ride home.

Attendance for the Nationals was not too bad with 302 cars. Most were preregistered and some the display cars of our sponsors filled in the show. There was a good turn out on Friday and even Saturday had several people register “Day of Show” despite less than ideal forecasts.   The rain started as we headed toward lunch time, but we still received many good comments about how the club handled the show in spite of the weather. The judges received many kind words even though all the Heartbeat judging was done in the rain.

The event raised $10,350 for charity which was a great amount for the event. We had some very nice items to auction off and the response was good. Several items brought very spirited and competitive bidding. The club can be very proud of what has been done for the charity over the years.  Bobby Banana even showed up for the auction.

The Nationals Committee would like to thank all the Club and all the MCC members who helped make the Nationals what they are. Without the MCC members this show could not be put on. The MCC setup crew did a great job on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you again, to all that helped with the show, and thank you for your help and dedication.

Best of health and God Bless.


Bud Scolastico