American Camaro Association

The American Camaro Association, Inc., is comprised of a group of Camaro owners, who volunteer their time for the good of the hobby.  Originally formed in 1998, the association has three major goals.

First, is to to help create and maintain a dialog between Camaro clubs nationwide.  We advocate sharing of information and successes between organizations, for the good of the hobby as a whole.

Second, is to maintain and update a list of all Camaro clubs and groups across the country, which Camaro enthusiasts can access in order to find a local Camaro club in their area.  Having  Camaro owners join and be part of a local organization, helps maintain their involvement, and expands the base of the hobby. Link to Club Listings.   If you have confirmed contact information for a club not listed on our site, please email the information to:

Third, is to maintain the information needed for the multi-level judging systems for Camaros.  Like Corvette, Mustang, Porsche, and other collectable marques, having an established recognized judging system is paramount to maintaining broad interest and activity in the vehicle.  It promotes an ongoing increase in quality when restoring or modifying, and also promotes maintaining original models to a higher level.  In all these cases, the results are often higher volume of parts and services for suppliers, who in turn, help the hobby with donations, and other forms of support.  This also increases the likelihood that more parts are available to help Camaro owners maintain, personalize , or restore their cars more easily and more accurately.

Currently, we maintain three systems.  All three are designed to keep a level field between cars, and to try to remove any individual bias that may come with a participant vote class.  Judging is done by teams, to come to a consensus of the points assigned to an area.  Awards are all against a score sheet, rather than comparing one car to another.
Heartbeat is a 200 point judging system.  It is an enhanced “Shine and Show” class, thus part numbers, stampings, or modifications do not effect the score.  Points are assigned based on fit, finish, details and condition.
Bow Tie is a 1000 point judging system for restored and original cars. Points are assigned based on fit, finish, and condition, but also looks at trim codes, and part numbers to determine originality.  For the most part, this class does not delve into production dates on individual parts.
Legends is our top tier, concurs judging class.  It is a 5000 point system that looks not only at fit, finish, condition, and part numbers, but also includes checking the production date of almost every part on the vehicle with a visible stamping or casting date, including the undercarriage.
We also work with Vintage Certifications, to certify original unrestored or “Survivor” Camaros.

Closely related to maintaining a quality judging system, is a judging manual.  Our Legend Class judges have produced judging manuals for the 1967/1968 Camaro and the 1969 Camaro, and are working on manuals for other years.  These detailed judging manuals give registrants a good idea of how the cars will be evaluated, and can also be a great informational asset while restoring Camaros.  They describe and depict proper parts, clips, and brackets, as well as the number of points assigned to the area of the car.  Photos also indicate where to find many of the codes and stampings that will be inspected, and how to tell if certain parts are original or reproductions.  See the Camaro Nationals site for additional information.

Event Rules are designed to help keep everyone and our cars safe. Click ACA Rules and Regulations for a copy of the Rules and Regulations for ACA events.

Production Charts. Although Chevrolet has not actively attempted to maintain production information through the years, we try to keep a log of charts that have been released through the years.  Click Camaro Production Numbers for a list of production numbers that we have available.

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