Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual Now Available

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Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual Now Available

Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual Now Available 1024 768 Karl Scheffy

October 2021

Brad McAdam has announced the completion of the Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual…the first of a series of manuals to assist in the restoration of Camaros. The idea began many years ago. Different restoration shops and different parts of the country sometimes have different ideas or memories of how early Camaros looked when they came off the assembly line. When restoring a Camaro for upper end concours judging, what may seem like a minor variance, can cost a fair number of points on the score sheet. When I frame-off restored my ’69 convertible back in the 90’s, I know I had those questions.

What percentage of matt black should be used on the firewall?
What sheen should be on the dash panel?
How much gloss should be on the starter? What about the radiator support?
Are these the correct bolts on my inner finders?
Are these reproduction clips n the hardware kit correct?
If I restore the originals, what color should they be?

Naturally I used the assembly manual as a guide, but the manual was never intended to be a restoration guide, and does not include finishes, or bolt markings. etc. For that, you need a Judging Manual!

Brad McAdam, Legends Class judge and statistician, took up the challenge of compiling information gleaned from his notes and the notes of the other Legends judges from over 25 years. The result is a comprehensive book loaded with details, and guidelines used to score the Legends class. This publication can save car owners valuable time, labor, and money, by getting things right the first time; and likely increasing their initial score by many points. In my case, simple things I did not know, that were very easy and inexpensive to correct, cost me around 7% on my initial pass thru concours; effectively getting me a Bronze rather than a Silver award.

Copies of the manual are $75, and can be ordered on the registration form for pick up at the show. For those actively restoring a car, copies can be ordered from Brad for immediate shipment. You can reach him at