The Silence of Mary Home

The Silence of Mary Home

The Silence of Mary Home began as a family style home open to troubled and disenfranchised or abandoned teenagers of the Central Pennsylvania area. Founded by Sue and Vern Rudy, the home is located at 1411 Market Street, Harrisburg; and has recently expanded to several other buildings. The home is clean, safe, and secure, in a family style environment with Jesus as its main focus. Since the Pandemic, Silence of Mary has pivoted to working more with social service agencies, providing food, provisions, and clothing to those in desperate need, as well as help with heating and basic housing needs.

Who Does All This?
Adult volunteers with various skills who feel called to serve the troubled youth of our area volunteer in the ministry. Our current need for volunteers include:
Drivers, tutors for school skills, cooking coaches for the teens, and mentors and fashion-oriented helpers to sort donated clothing and display it in a boutique setting.

Continued Success!
Thanks to direct donations from the show, and contacts made through the show; the home has recently received a large passenger van to help transport the youth to stores and doctor visits, and a substantial food donation. We look forward to helping the home even more in the coming years.

“Our door is always open.”

If you would like to be a part of our success,
please send your donations to the address below.
Also, if you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter
on what is happening at the home
please drop us a request at the same address.

Silence of Mary Home
850 State Street, 2nd Floor,
Lemoyne, Pa 17043