Heartbeat Class

Heartbeat Class (200 Point Judged)

Class 1  The Heartbeat Class was designed for participants looking for more than a participant vote system.  Heartbeat is a judged “Shine and Show” system, evaluating the overall condition of the vehicle, in addition to how it was cleaned and detailed.   Judges will not be inspecting code numbers. evaluating originality of accessories, or how a car was modified. Cars will not be judged on the perceived beauty of color combination, desirability of drive train, or if it has more options than another car on the show field. Cars are competing against the scoresheet, and all points will be given based on fit, finish, wear, and cleanliness.

Camaros will be parked by generation for the enjoyment of the spectators and other car owners. As cars will be judged against a score sheet, they will be presented with a  Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award if points criteria are met.  Awards are not limited by the cars in the class; but by the scores the cars receive.

Judging Details
This class uses ‘Drive-Thru” Judging.   Cars must be located in their designated area in order to be called to be judged. To be fair to all participants, Heartbeat cars will not be judged in trailers, buildings,  personal or club tents, or any area other than the designated tent on the show field. Judges and show staff are not responsible for locating a mis-parked car. But to time restraints to finish judging prior to awards, the Heartbeat class is limited to around 80 cars.  This should allow for early “Day of Show” registration, but it is always suggested that you pre-register if you are want to be in this class.

Four Teams of judges will evaluate the four main area of the vehicle….Body, Engine Bay, Interior & Trunk, and Chassis & Suspension.   Each area will begin with a maximum number of points available, from which points will be deducted for fit, finish, scratches, stone chips, etc. Judges will also look for dirt in crevices, hinges, jambs, pedals, pulleys, hose clamps, tires, wheels, springs, etc.. The undercarriage will be checked for dirt and damage “on one knee”. No mirrors or jacks will be used in judging the undercarriage.  A clean finger tip may be used to check for surface dirt on hinges, wheels, pulleys, etc.

Due to spare tire cover alignment issues, full credit for a spare tire will be awarded in all generations with factory hidden spare tires. Factory spare tire covers will not be removed during judging. Otherwise, spare tires are required for full points credit unless car is modified to a point that there is no longer any room for a spare tire (Pro Street, Competition, Pro Touring etc.).

 Award levels are as follows:

Scores of 165 to 179 will achieve a “Bronze” award.
Scores of 180 to 189 will achieve a “Silver” award.
Scores of 190 to 200 will achieve a “Gold” award.

Heartbeat Registration Fees:
$65.00  Registration after 7/6 or at the event
$55.00  Registration from 4/1 to 7/6
$50.00  Registration before 4/1

To register for the Camaro Nationals. click on “Registration” in the main menu, or if you prefer to mail a check, you can download and print a pdf version the registration form by clicking  Registration Form

Overall Guidelines for the Outdoor Show field:

No tents, pop ups, canopies, or Free Standing Umbrellas are allowed on the show field.  The outdoor show field is blacktop, and per our contract, no stakes may be driven into blacktop areas. A stiff breeze or pop-up thunder storm can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to these beautiful cars.  Such damage occurred at Corvettes at Carlisle a few years ago, and just two weeks after our 2023 event, a tent took out several cars at Mecum Harrisburg.    

Keep in mind that the Classic Auto Mall is climate controlled, so if you need a break from the weather, the Mall is just steps away.
We have a large Wheel Craft Shade Tent set up in the grass, just off the edge of the black top show field, for use by all attendees looking for some shade to relax.  While at the tent, be sure to say “HI” to those nearby – you just may meet a new friend.  We also provide a  Food Tent near the food vendors, so you can sit and relax while having your lunch.  

Individual Tent rentals are available if requested by clubs, vendors etc. Clubs can get credit to help cover the costs of tent rental, based on 10 or more pre-registered members. All tents must be approved by Camaro Nationals and the Classic Auto Mall, and erected by professionals in the grass areas; at locations specified by Camaro Nationals administration.



See you in July!