Legends Concours Class

Legends Concours Class (5000 Point Judged)

The Legends Concours Class is the premier judging program for 67-81 Restored Camaros.  Internationally recognized, the Legends Class sets the bar for “assembly-line correct” restorations, using an objective 5,000 point scale with bonus points available for specific NOS items and original documentation.  All Legends entries must be pre-qualified, either through the Bowtie Class or by having a current Legends judge personally evaluate and accept the car.   Awards are tiered from Bronze to Platinum and the progressive judging platform allows the vehicle to return for a score improvement over three successive years within a 5 year period.  

In order to place, cars must achieve a minimum score of 85.0%, (approx. 4,250 points):

Bronze:     85.0% – 89.99%
Silver:       90.0% – 94.99%
Gold:        95.0% – 97.99%
Platinum: 98.0% & above

As a goal of the system is to achieve one of the top tiers within the three years, an improvement in score of at least 3% or the next award level is expected each time a car returns.

To assist in preparation for the class, or as an excellent resource manual, refer to the Legends Judging Manuals. Copies of the 1967/1968 manuals are $80, and the 1969 and 1970 manuals are $75.   For those actively restoring a car, copies can be ordered from at legend@camaronationals.org.  Shipping/Postage  is $10 for the US, and $20 for Canada.  They can also be ordered on the registration form for pick up at the show. 

Class size is limited and typically fills up by early spring..First Gen Legends Restored has been filling in the prior fall.    First year entrants MUST complete and submit the required pre-qualification form along with the requisite photos of the exterior, interior, engine bay and firewall trim tag before the May 1st deadline in order to be considered for acceptance into the class.
First year entrants in the Restored classes need to be approved via previous entry in Bow Tie w/ Legends Check, or be evaluated by one of the Legends judges.   They must also complete a Legends Pre-Qualification Sheet and provide photos of specific part numbers and date codes before being officially accepted to the class.  

Entrants in the Un-restored classes do not pass through Bow Tie first, however they do need to complete the Legends Pre-Qualification Sheet, and talk with one of the lead judges about the condition of the car, to make sure it is in an overall condition capable of competing.  A completed Legends-Pre-Qualification-Sample is also available to help you.

Registrants who have not completed or submitted the required forms, photos or information in a timely manner will be moved the waiting list and replaced with the next registrant in line.

The fee for initial year entrants is higher than returning entrants,  to cover costs to collecting, proofing, and researching the supplied information and creating the custom score sheet for the car, prior to the event.  

When completing Bow Tie w/ Legends Check, Camaros will receive their Bow Tie score, potentially along with an approval to move to Legends, if the car is so qualified.  If attempting to bi-pass the Bow Tie  qualification system, an owner can arrange inspection and possible approval by a Legends judge, at their own expense.  The Bow Tie BiPass Certificate will be used to verify that a Camaro has been approved for the Legends class without having first gone through Bow Tie class.

Class Number Breakdown for Legends:

63 Legend Class – 1967 – 1969 Concours Restored Camaros
64 Legend Class – 1970 – 1981 Concours Restored Camaros

All Camaros in the Exhibit Halls must Load-In on Thursday, to get staged in place, and ready for the show to begin on Friday morning.  All Camaros must remain inside until Load-Out on Saturday from 5 to 6:30 PM, or Sunday from 8 to 9:30 AM. 

For questions specifically about Legends Judging, including questions about Pre-Registration Forms, email legend@camaronationals.org

Ready to register? Register On-Line by clicking “Registration” in the main menu above, or print the  Registration Form and send it in the mail along with a check.

To view a .pdf file of past Legends participants and their scores, click Legends Score History

For additional questions, email info@camaronationals.org