2023 Seminars and Clinics

Camaro College

Ongoing Knowledge for Camaro Enthusiasts

We try to present clinics and seminars of interest to our participants.  In 2022, Wayne Guinn presented two great seminars on  302 engine design, and the Cross Ram manifold.

2023 Schedule:

Wayne Guinn        Friday 1pm to 4pm and Saturday, 12pm to 3pm
Wayne Guinn, leading expert in GM Heavy Duty Service Options will be available to answer your questions.
Focus will be on:     302 Cross Ram engine design / build / tuning     &      Four-wheel disc brake systems (JL8/J56)
Intimate conference room setting for small group and one-on-one conversations with Wayne and guests for an inside perspective. Knowledge is power!  Get your Camaro performing the way the engineers planned.             Friday 1pm to 4pm and Saturday, 12pm to 3pm. Stop by to converse and chill for a bit.

Scott Settlemire and Tom Henry      Friday  10am. East Mall-Way
Popularly known as the F-bodfather, Scott was the Camaro Brand Manager for many years, as well as a life long devotee to the F-body.  As his family had the local Chevy dealership, he tells of seeing his first ’67 Camaro hidden in his grandparent’s garage…prior to its release to the general public in September of 1966.  
Scott will be joined by his cousin, Tom Henry, who continued with the family dealership, and later developed ‘Tom Henry Racing’.

Matt Avery  Friday 1pm. East Mall-Way
Matt is the Executive Producer for Mecum Auctions, and is also a veteran automotive journalist and recent author of ‘Camaro Special Editions’.  He is sure to have lots of great and interesting information for any Camaroist – as there have been special editions created by GM from 1967 all the way to current production.    His other books – some also about Camaros – allow some deeper insight into the conversation.