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Current 2024 Schedule:

Phil Borris stands next to an arial view of the Norward OH GM plant.

Phil Borris, author of “Echoes of Norwood: General Motors Automobile Production During The Twentieth Century”, will be presenting seminars with tons of great Camaro production details.  His research and knowledge from the inside of the General Motors Norwood Ohio Assembly Plant, and the stories of the men and women on the line, can provide a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the automotive industry during the halcyon era of domestic automotive production. 

Phil  is bringing some great video and still images, as well as some actual items used during production.  His seminars tend to draw standing room audiences, so plan on catching one.  He will also be displaying is super low milage 1993 Pace car in the Wheel Craft Display Hall.



Wayne Guinn (right) discusses some cross ram questions with attendees at his 2023 Seminar.

Wayne Guinn, of Guinn Engineering, will be back for a third year in a row, with the latest on Heavy Duty components related to the early Camaros – especially the Z/28.  This year we will get some real world info on what cross-ram and HD brake systems can do for a current first gen Z/28.  In conjunction with the Camaro Nationals, Wayne is arranging for a road course exposition with about a half dozen cross-ram Z’s,  and he is throwing in a stock Z and a Mustang, so that we can set a base line.  I’m sure we won’t see times comparing to the Penske/Donahue days, but we should be able to see the comparative differences of the HD components in the real world.    A trip or two down the 1/4 mile will naturally be included. Spectators will be welcome, the track is in south Jersey, and will be planned for Wednesday the 17th of July, so that the cross-rams then make the short trip to Morgantown for an indoor display and discussion.  More details to follow.


Legends judges coming to a consensus while judging a second gen Camaro.

Legends Judging Seminar.  Steve Nuwer, lead 2nd Gen Legends judge, will be having some of his judges present a seminar on what is involved in restoring a Concours Camaro, and more specifically, what the Legends judges are looking for when scoring.  Many of you spend time watching these prime examples being judged – both on the ground and in the air, and wonder what parts are being inspected, and what is being discussed…so here is your chance to get some first hand knowledge. 

Maybe you’ll realize that it is not as scary as you thought, and decide that your car is worthy of entering one of the indoor classes.






Scott Settlemire a.k.a the F-Bodfather, at the 2023 Camaro Nationals.

Scott Settlemire and Tom Henry     
Popularly known as the F-bodfather, Scott rose through the ranks at Chevrolet holding many positions including Zone Manager, Assistant Brand Manager for Corvette & Camaro, and was the Camaro Brand Manager for the 4th Gen Camaro.  He helped drive the force demanding the return of the Camaro and while in charge of national displays and shows, he helped orchestrate the fantastic release of the 5th Gen Camaors.  

A life long devotee to the F-body, his family had the local Chevy dealership, near Mars, PA.  He tells of seeing his first ’67 Camaro hidden in his grandparent’s garage…prior to it’s release to the general public in September of 1966.  Scott will be joined by his cousin, Tom Henry, who continued with the family dealership, and later developed ‘Tom Henry Racing’.