Spectator Hours – Friday 7/19 & Saturday 7/20  9AM – 3PM

SPECTATORS ARE WELCOME!   Whether you are dreaming of the day you can own a Camaro of your own, your Camaro is not yet on the road, or you need to hit the swap meet to secure that elusive item, why not come by and enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds of the Camaro Nationals?  There are no advanced tickets required, and admission is just a $5  donation per adult.  Children with adults are free.    Donations help defray the costs of show production, security, and judging, and excess proceeds from the show are donated to charities.

There is not much to see on Thursday….things are still being set up, and only the early arrivals will be on the field.    Friday starts to get busy – as cars continue to arrive throughout the day.  By late afternoon Friday, the show field is looking impressive; with about 75% of the cars on the grounds.  

SATURDAY 9AM – 2PM IS BEST FOR SPECTATORS!  Saturday is the big day.   Expect well over 500 F-Bodies on the field by noon,  another 75 inside our exhibit halls, and yet another 40 or so for sale on consignment in the Classic Auto Mall itself.  The Classic Auto Mall will be open from 9AM to Noon, with a total of around 1000 classics, muscle cars, barn finds, imports, and street rods…..75% of which are for sale.    

We always suggest you to “Bring a Kid to a Car Show”; so naturally children are welcome…but keep strollers outside and away from the cars.  No Bicycles, Skate Boards, Hover Boards, etc on grounds, please. Car owners have years of labor and countless dollars invested in their rides….and even a small nick can be devastating.

No strollers between cars in the Exhibit Halls, due to tight walkways between vehicles.