Judging Manuals

Camaro Legend Judging Manuals

The Legends judging teams have completed the third in the series of Camaro Legends Judging Manuals.  The new ‘1970 Legends Judging Manual’ joins the 1967/68, and the 1969 manuals, and include the compiling the information gleaned from judging notes and the personal notes of the Legends judges from over 35 years. The result is a comprehensive books loaded with details, and guidelines used to score the Legends class. These publications can save car owners valuable time, labor, and money, by getting things right the first time; and likely increasing their initial score by many points.

The manuals are printed with oil resistant paper and ink, to help keep it clean and neat, and it is spiral bound, to allow it to lay flat on a work bench or fender cover, making it easier to follow as you are wrenching parts.  Additional Judging Manuals are in the works.  

Copies of the 1967/1968 manuals are $80, and the 1969 and 1970 manuals are $75.   For those actively restoring a car, copies can be ordered from at legend@camaronationals.org.  Shipping/Postage  is $10 for the US, and $20 for Canada.  They can also be ordered on the registration form for pick up at the show.

To register for the Camaro Nationals. click on “Registration” in the main menu, or if you prefer to mail a check, you can download and print a pdf version the registration form by clicking Registration Form