2023 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap

2023 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap 1024 576 Karl Scheffy

I want to thank all the Camaro and Firebird owners who came out to Morgantown for this year’s Nationals.  Without cars and car owners, there is no show. From our first event in 1999, through two venue changes, and the release of two additional generations of Camaro, you have grown with us – both in…

Image of 1969 Butternut Yellow Camaro COPO

Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual Now Available

Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual Now Available 1024 768 Karl Scheffy

October 2021 Brad McAdam has announced the completion of the Camaro Legends 1969 Judging Manual…the first of a series of manuals to assist in the restoration of Camaros. The idea began many years ago. Different restoration shops and different parts of the country sometimes have different ideas or memories of how early Camaros looked when…

Image of a 1967 Yenko Camaro

2021 Camaro Nationals Recap

2021 Camaro Nationals Recap 1024 768 Karl Scheffy

  Thanks for another great turnout for the 22nd Camaro Nationals. Many had concerns back in March, when the decision was made to go ahead with the show. Local shows have been strong, but crossing state lines and staying in hotels added another level of concern, and had the possibility of dampening things down. Fortunately…

Silence of Mary Home Logo

Camaroists helping Silence of Mary Home

Camaroists helping Silence of Mary Home 334 370 Karl Scheffy

Camaro Comrades, It has been a while.  A while for everything, it seems.  Due to social distancing, it may have been a while since your last cruise or car show. It’s been a while since a club get together, and it may even have been a while since you have seen your family members.  (A…

Make a New Year’s Resolution…Protect your Domain and Website!

Make a New Year’s Resolution…Protect your Domain and Website! 150 150 Karl Scheffy

A quick note for all the Camaro clubs across the country. Virtually all of you have domains & websites, and, like the American Camaro Association and Camaro Nationals, I am sure various members of your club do different things to spread out the workload. This may mean an officer is not be in charge of…

Image of Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

2019 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap

2019 Camaro Nationals Re-Cap 1024 680 Karl Scheffy

The 2019 Nationals will be an event I will remember for quite a while. First and foremost, was the absence of our dear friend Bud Scolastico. Time will heal wounds, but this first year without him was extra tough a couple of times. Marla and Crystal both made comments that Bud would be taking care…

LS1 or LS6?

LS1 or LS6? 150 150 Karl Scheffy

Scott Settlemire 3/12/19 A few of you have asked me about the “LS6” block versus the “LS1” block. Very simply, we could not supply enough LS1 blocks back in, as I recall, 1999. Thus, the corp (GM) made the commitment to build another plant to produce more V8 ‘blocks’ — the difference is that if…

Image of Bud Scolastico

Bud Scolastico 1948-2019

Bud Scolastico 1948-2019 677 450 Karl Scheffy

I will always remember Bud as a real car guy and a devoted grandfather. I first met him and Marla, with his recently purchased 1968 SSRS big block, back in 1999 at the first Camaro Nationals. He really got off on how everyone was so friendly and talked to him about his car. At the…

The Day the Panther Died

The Day the Panther Died 150 150 Karl Scheffy

The Day the Panther Died,   by Scott Settlemire June 28, 1966 was a day of firsts. It was a day where 200 journalists were inducted into SEPAW (more about that in a minute) That day, the first and LAST meeting of SEPAW took place. It was the first time in history that 14 cities…

Camaro Advertising

Camaro Advertising 150 150 Karl Scheffy

I got my first Camaro Brochure in early September of 1968.  I was at the ‘Great Allentown Fair’, and drooled over what I  thought was a new model of Corvair.  There was a line of people in front of a tent – and the sign said “FREE” – so my brother and I stood at…