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Heartbeat is an outdoor  “Shine & Show” class,  judged on a 200 point system.  All generations, of both stock and modified cars compete against the scoresheet for a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award rather than for a “1st Place” award.    Cars need to be in proper class location by 11:30 on Saturday to be judged.  Camaros will be called by generation for  Drive-Thru judging in a large tent adjacent to the class area.  Participants must present their car at the judging station within the time frame designated at the event.  Cars will not be judged in trailers, buildings, or any other location other than the judging tent.  See Class Options under the main menu for more detailed information.  All cars that meet the award criteria percentage will receive awards.

Participants also vote for their favorite car in the Top 30 Class.    The First 400 registered cars for the event receive goody bags provided by various sponsors, and the first 300 also will receive dash plaques.