Saturday Night Banquet

Crash and Burn Banquet

I found that by Saturday night when the awards were complete, and the bulk of the indoor display cars were in their trailers for the night, I was burnt out.  Getting changed and heading out to a restaurant was not high on my list – but I was hungry!     Hence the idea for the “Crash and Burn” Banquet…..I felt like I had just crashed into a wall.  We had over 50 others who agreed in 2023, and I think the number will grow this year.

Reservations must be made on your pre-registration form, as we need to supply and guarantee the head count 3 weeks in advance.  Wrist bands will be included in your registration packet if you ordered seats.  The wrist bands will be required to be seated, and to enter the buffet line. 

Pricing is higher than Friday night, as this banquet is not underwritten or sponsored.   Menu will be similar to Friday night, with the exception of having no cash bar.  Drinks and soda will need to be purchased at the hotel bar outside the ballroom.

Dinner menu example: (This year’s menu has not yet been chosen)

Tossed Garden Salad and Assorted Dressing, Rolls and Butter
Glazed Salmon / Chicken Marsala
Steamed Vegetables / Scalloped Pototatos
Various Pies and Cakes