Volunteers Welcome

The Camaro Nationals is a big undertaking for a group of volunteer Camaro clubs, although we love the challenge.  Seeing hundreds of beautiful Camaros in one location, along with thousands of smiling faces makes it all work while….but we have to admit, that by Saturday evening, we’re pretty worn out.

We have other Camaro owners offer to help out, and I apologize for not getting back to everyone while at the show, but often when we are running at full bore, we can’t remember who the volunteers were!   This year we thought we would do things a bit more professionally (who me?), and get the names and assign some duties before hand, so that things would not be overlooked. 

If you would be around the show anyway, and would like to help out, you can sign up under the “Judges/Volunteers” section of the on-line Registration Form.  You can register as a volunteer separately, whether or not you are registering a car.